Dima's Web Site

Dima's Web Site

Video of Dima playing on the black ice.

Mom's Favorite!


What would have been your 23rd birthday has now come and gone. You would be graduating college right about now, if you would have kept playing football, who knows, you might be getting drafted in this year's NFL draft as a wide receiver or safety. You might even have a steady girlfriend, or even been married and given your mother grand-kids. You do know Elliott is already a father? What happened to you is the most senseless tragedy I have ever known, I mean at least if you died in a car wreck, that is something people can understand, but the way you died. I cannot understand that! It just doesn't make any sense. I am a gambling man and I am telling you that what happened to you was 1 out of 100 million, it's just not supposed to happen. And I am so sorry it happened to you.

Your mom and I promise to keep this website going for as long as there is an internet, so for eternity. Not a day goes by your mother does not think of you. I am going to keep working on your site, updating it, and will try and add a Facebook section.


Dimitri Alexander Babich, “Dima,” was born March 27, 1991 to Galina Egorova and Alexander Babich in Apsheronsk, Russia. He came to the United States at the age of 9 with his mother, Galina.  For the rest of his short life he lived in San Antonio, Texas, and went to Sandra O’Conner High School. He was in his sophomore year when he was tragically taken from all who loved him.

Dima was a bright, cheerful kid who assimilated into American society seamlessly, picking up English quickly. He soon lost his accent and was as American as apple pie, baseball, and Chevrolet. He was a athlete who excelled at wide receiver as a football player because of his speed.  He had lots of friends and was popular among his peers.

Musically, Dima played drums and guitar. He enjoyed listening to Snow Patrol, The Killers, Coheed and Cambria, Nickelback, Acceptance, Pillar, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, and Simple Plan, to name just a few. Music was absolutely a huge part of Dima’s life and there is no telling where this love of music would have taken him.

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