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The Tragic End


On January 09, 2008, Dima was found dead on the sofa he had spent the night on. Cause of death was later determined to be a brain aneurysm. The odds of this are one in millions and for whatever reason, it chose Dima as one of its victims.

In fairness to Dima and to the truth, and because something tells this writer he would want it this way, we cannot gloss over what happened that morning. Galina Babich walked into a room and saw what no person should ever see, suffered a parent's biggest nightmare. Brain aneurysms cause bleeding and what Ms. Babich saw that morning haunts her to this day.

We can all only hope and fervently pray the Good Lord was merciful at the moment He took Dima. So much talent, so much potential, a life ahead of him that was as bright and as shiny as Dima himself was, lighting up a room with laughter and sunshine every time he walked in... Bang! Gone... just like that, leaving us behind to mourn and contemplate that which would have been but now never will be. How it haunts all of us who knew him, and how it haunts the new friends he has made since his passing... We all hurt, we all hurt for Dima, for life that can be so bad sometimes... how can life be so cruel to take innocents from us? Leaving us with a feeling so raw, so base, we can only keen and wail our grief and shout insults at the Gods who claim to govern us...

Yes, Dima is gone, and life does go on, but he is not forgotten!!! And he never will be, forever you will remain in our hearts and we can only yearn for the day when we think of you and smile at your memory. For some of us that day may never come... gone but not forgotten.

We love you Dima and we fervently hope to meet again one day... until then know we cherish and honor your memory and do good things in your name on a daily basis.


Below are links to sites with information relating to brain aneurysms. If this site one day saves a life simply because someone read this page and had the right information to act on, then Dima's death would take on new meaning. The worst thing about brain aneurysms, most of them are deadly and will kill a person. While there was no indication of this in Dima's case, he did not have a headache that could be acted upon, the best advice we can give you is: If you ever have what feels like the worst headache of your life, a headache like you have never felt before, get yourself or your loved one to an emergency room. If it feels that bad chances are it is that bad. Don't take chances with your health because of some perceived inconvenience about going to the hospital. Dima did not even get that much of a chance, so don't waste what might be your only one.


The Brain Aneurysm Foundation

The Mayo Clinic

This is the page we share our sorrows on. Any messages to Dima should be sent to Dima@dimababich.com. The more heartbreaking ones, will be published on this page.

A letter to Dima from his mother, Galina Babich.

To my beloved son

I want to see your smile and hold you in my arms. You were everything in my life, my sunshine. I truly believe one day we will be together again. I am so proud to be your mother. Every morning I am waking up thinking about you. You are always on my mind and in my heart.

You were only 16 years always positive, and you would never give up even in very difficult situations. Everybody loved you; you were such of talented and smart kid, you had a good heart.

Love never dies, only gets stronger. I truly believe that you are in the beautiful place, and you can see me my angel. I am so grateful to you for everything, you were always there for me when I needed your love and support.  I love you so much.

I will always be, your loving mother,


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